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Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show 2018   

Hedgehog Breeders of America

     We cannot say this enough - Our Show has the following mission - 1. To Have Fun!  2. To Educate about the care, handling and well being of pet companion African Hedgehogs!  3. Meet all our expenses and raise additional funds to be used to aid hedgehog rescue needs!

With that in mind, we hope you fine the following schedule of events and activities appealing.

    Addition to Conformation Judging - We are adding a special line of judging for Junior Handlers (ages 8 to 12). For this event, Junior Handlers will be asked various questions about their own hedgehog and hedgehog care in general. This is meant to encourage our next generation of caregivers. Regardless of how the hedgehog him- or herself places in the conformation competitions, each Junior Handler will receive a token of appreciation.  If you are a Junior Handler, please let us know in advance to assure we have a "thank you" for you. You can call or email Teresa  719-459-6798 or

Friday, October 12, 2018

2:30 pm - Vendor Set-Up     We hope to have "place cards" for each vendor.    Please check in with Teresa, Elaine Cote' or Billie.       

5:30 pm - Meet and Greet Hospitality  with light refreshments

              Welcoming Speech - How to prepare your hedgehog and yourself for a show.   What to expect during the judging.


              A 'mini' ...or maybe not so mini ...Silent Auction ...just to get you started!  Don't worry, there will be plenty more items Saturday.


              Hedgehog Health Checks and entry registration for judged events and games.

             ***note - Even if you preregister your hedgies you (rather they) need a health check.



Saturday, October 13, 2016  

8:30am    Hedgehog Health Checks  

9 am          Judged Conformation Show

12 noon or very near - a short break for lunch on your own while our beloved helpers 'reset' part of the room for . . .

1pm - 3pm               Agility Games - We will have three of the more popular agility games from Dawn's original pentathlon, the Hurdles and 

                  the floor exercises. Newly added - Sprint! You will need a run-about-ball for this one. A track is set up to see who can complete a  

                  run around the fastest!  Games will be divided into gender  groups (male and female) with medals for our winners!

3 pm - 4 pm            We are very happy to announce Hedgehog Breeders of America will be joining our show. We will have a panel of 

                   breeders, rescuers and caregivers start a discussion about our concerns, hopes and experiences to ensure the betterment of all            

                   hedgies. We expect audience participation to make this a truly interactive  and educational discussion.

4/4:30 pm          Close the Room - Go relax. Refresh. Primp. Yourself and your hedgie(s) because . . . 

5:45 pm    Assemble in show room for the Wedding of Mis Peaches, Clan MacGhille of Denver, and Leroy of Roanoke.

6 pm(ish)  Banquet  -   Guest speaker, Dr. Russell Welfare, D.V.M.

                    Some Thank You's and acknowledgements for all the Show Helpers. 

                     Rainbow Bridge Memorial Ceremony - a happy-sad remembrance ceremony of those who have left our care on their next  

                     adventure across the Rainbow Bridge.  Tissues will be provided. 

                     Silent Auction Wrap-Up

                     Live(ly) Auction - We're picking the best of the best from our donors to offer you a chance to lighten the load in your wallets and 

                     checkbooks while simultaneously acquiring some wonderful gifts (for yourself, friends, hedgies, hedgie sitters, show   

                     presenters.....) AND helping raise funds to aid rescue hedgies.

12midnight - room closes 

 Sunday,  October 14, 2016   

8:30 am   Hedgehog Health Checks  

9 am          Judged Conformation Show

12 Noon or very near - Complete your shopping with our vendors.

3 pm ...or maybe 4pm ...I can't remember  - we close the show