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Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show 2018   

Hedgehog Breeders of America


                                Rainbow Bridge Remembrances

          The heart would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears.

 June 2000 at the Mighty Niagra Hedgehog Show began what has become a tradition during our hedgehog shows - the remembrance of those who have left us to journey on their next great adventure across the Rainbow Bridge.  Below is the original "prayer" spoken on Rainbow Bridge, the bridge linking the U.S. with Canada at Niagara Falls. At that time over 200 names of those who have left us were read aloud as flowers were dropped to the waters below.

While the form of the ceremony has changed to fit each show's own venue, the heart of the tradition has continued throughout these many years.  The Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show 2018 proudly continues the tradition.

     If you would like those you loved remembered in this special ceremony, please submit information to Teresa Johnson via email to 

                 before September 15, 2018.  After that date, please telephone  719-459-6798.

     Needed are:  your hedgehog(s) name         your name       a photo and/or brief comment about your special companion(s)


Crossing Over

     As this time of harvest begins we are made more aware of the cycles of life -  

That plants cannot grow except from seeds and that all life is a continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

     The period of death is always a sad one.  Even though we see the passage as a positive change we are saddened by the endings.  

Although we will never experience the relationship on the same level, 

we know that our loved one must continue their journey without us for now.

Might God and Gentle Goddess,  Ancient Ones we trust to you the soul of our friend.  

Guide him/her through the darkness to a place of light and surcease of pain.  

We pray that his/her crossing may be a gentle one, that he/she may easily sever the silver cord that binds him/her to this earthly plane.  We wish him/her a time of renewal, of rest, of knowing that 

he/she will always be remembered with love 

and that his/her work here on earth was well done.

“Fly sweet angel to the arms of your Mother.  

Rest peacefully in Her gentle embrace.  

May the tide of our tears lull you gently to sleep, so that 

In time you my re-awake to begin again.  

And in the fullness of time we shall meet and remember and love again.